• February 2018 Newsletter

    Whew! The beginning of January has been bitterly cold – a true test of hardiness for the wooly syrup chuggers! We’ve got a bunch of articles this month ranging from race reports to injury advice to our classic sections like UVRC runner profile. Enjoy, and don’t forget to send submissions for next month to newsletter@uppervalleyrunningclub.org!  [Read More…]

  • January 2018 Newsletter

    Happy 2018 to everyone. We here on the UVRC newsletter team are looking forward to a great year; I hope you are too! As always, submissions and comments are welcome at newsletter@uppervalleyrunningclub.org. On to the newsletter.

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  • December 2017 Newsletter Supplement

    Well, there were bound to be a few kinks in the new system. Laura and I managed to get confused, and we left an article out of the December newsletter! It’s timely enough that I don’t want to wait until January, so with apologies to Jim Burnett, here is the missing article, “NH Grand Prix 2017 Wrap Up”.

    Geoff Dunbar, co-editor

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  • December 2017 Newsletter

    Welcome to December, runners! We had a mild fall with great racing ending in a fun fall banquet. I am the new co-editor of the monthly newsletter and I’ll be helping Geoff out with the newsletter each month. I’ve been a member of UVRC for two years and I’m excited to take a more active role in the club!

    We’ve got lots of great pieces this month about two different turkey trots, shoe recycling, junior cross country olympics, and more! Thank you to all the runners of the Norwich Turkey Trot and the many donations to the Haven. Keep running (and writing about running)!

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  • November 2017 Newsletter

    Welcome to November, UVRC members! Sorry the newsletter is a little late this month, I had a family issue to deal with which delayed me this month. On that note, if anyone would like to help out as co-editor, that would be really helpful, and also avoid situations like this in the future. You should probably be able to learn to edit posts in WordPress to help out (which isn’t hard), but you will want to be comfortable with computers rather than tech-averse. Let me know (newsletter@uppervalleyrunningclub.org) if you would like to help out.

    Also, special shout out to the UVRC contributors! By far the most submissions I’ve gotten for the newsletter yet. Especially the Couch to 5K graduates; a lot of inspirational stories from them this month.

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  • October 2017 Newsletter

    Welcome to the October 2017 newsletter. Another great job by the contributors! Only one note from the editor: Our club on puts on one race a year, the Thetford Foliage Five, October 15th at 2pm (https://lebanonnh.gov/1078/Foliage-Five), benefiting the UVRC scholarship program. I encourage everyone to come out and volunteer, or run, or both! On to the newsletter.

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  • September 2017 Newsletter

    September 2017 Newsletter

    Great newsletter this month. So much good stuff, but I’ll especially point out Jeremy Merritt’s article, where he describes his 50 mile trail run, in an article that turned out to be so long that I only printed the introduction. You’ll have to follow the link to Medium to read the whole thing (strongly recommended when you have a few spare moments). But that’s just the start; beyond that, the usual (and unusual) assortment of race reports, profiles, pictures, coaching advice, and more! As always, if you have something to contribute to the newsletter, fire it off to newsletter@uppervalleyrunningclub.org.

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