Board Minutes – January, 2017


Members present: Tim Smith, Megan Miller, Betsy Gonnerman, Kevin Hartstein, Dave Sullivan, Geoff Dunbar, Julie Paye

Members absent: Jim Burnett, Mike Silverman, Paul Coats, Kim Sheffield

Non-members present: Mike Gonnerman

  1. Officers: The Board voted for the following officers: President -Tim Smith, Vice President – Kevin Hartstein, Secretary – Betsy Gonnerman, Treasurer – Paul Coats
  2. UVRC presentation: Tuesday, Jan. 24, at 7:00, at Howe library. Julie has made up a poster, and the following contacts have been made: Facebook, ListServ, Dartmouth email, and DHMC. Tim will call Paul to see what he is planning for that night. Subjects to be covered will be: C25K program, UVRS, TNT, Sat. morning runs, social activities, CBHM training runs/pacers. It was recommended that handouts should be available, as well as UVRC business cards and registration forms. There will also be time for questions from the audience. At least one raffle prize will be awarded: a free membership to the club.
  3. CBHM: Dave reported that he and Rebecca, with the help of Geoff, will be organizing training runs on the CBHM course on Sundays, starting in April.
  4. Ben True: Ben contacted Tim, and generously donated 40 Saucony gift certificates, to be used by the club as they wish.
  5. UVRS: Dave has organized a committee, and they will be meeting this week, to begin the race selection process, and discuss marketing and prizes.
  6. Social Committee: Kevin said he and Cara Baskin will be glad to be cochairs of the Social Committee. Nancy Dunbar and Bill Young have also shown interest in being involved.
    Registration: A glitch in the online registration has been noted. Paul is aware, and is working on it.
  7. C25K: Tim has talked to both Mary and Kim, who coached last year, as to their availability/interest for this year. Mary’s duties as HHS coach will prohibit her from doing this program in the spring, but she would be happy to do the summer/fall program. Kim’s absence from the area for most of the spring prevents her from taking on the spring program as well. We will need to find another person to help with the spring program. Contact will be made with possible candidates.
  8. Trail Running: Kevin will talk to Brandon Baker re incorporating more trail runners into UVRC, including possibly adding some of the Western NH Trail Running Series races to the UVRS.
  9. Newsletter profiles: Lorna Young has been doing profiles of members for the newsletter monthly, but would like to add an interview with new members. This led to a discussion of how to make new members feel more welcome – e.g. telephone calls, mentoring. Dave volunteered to spearhead this effort.
  10. MWRR: Mike Gonnerman has sent out an email to club members re logistics of signing up for MWRR through the lottery and the assignment of bypass numbers given to the club for our volunteer efforts. The lottery opens in February.

Minutes submitted by Betsy Gonnerman, Secretary.

Next Board Meeting: Monday, Feb. 20, 2017 – Umpleby’s – 8:00 a.m.

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