Board Minutes – August, 2016


Members present: Tim Smith, Mike Silverman, Geoff Dunbar, Paul Coats, Kim Sheffield, Julie Paye, Betsy Gonnerman

Members absent: Jim Burnett

Non-members present: Mike Gonnerman, Bill Young, Mary Peters

  1. Safety Awareness Event at Dartmouth: Bill Young will be in charge of this event at the Leverone Field House on Tuesday, Sept. 6 from 2-4 p.m. He is looking for volunteers to help out. He will send an email to the Club members.
  2. Couch to 5K: The Board has hired Mary Peters to coach this fall’s Couch to 5K program. The kickoff will be Wed., Sept. 7 at Cioffredi’s, and the program will start on the following Tuesday. It will be run like the previous programs, with coached sessions on Tuesday evening and Sat. morning. Mary is seeking club members to volunteer to assist with the coaching. It will be decided at the next meeting whether these volunteers would get free registration into the target race. Re: advertising. Paul will enter this into the Valley News calendar. An email will be sent to the membership. Flyers will be posted. Julie will list it on ListServ and our Facebook page.
  3. Scholarship: The Scholarship Committee has drafted a proposal, with the criteria for selection. This will be reviewed by the Board. The funds for the scholarship will come from the proceeds of the Foliage Five Race in October, with the hope that there will be 2 $500 scholarships.
  4. TNT: Kim will be coaching TNT through the end of September when she will be leaving for Florida. Tim will contact those coaches who assisted last year, to see if they would be willing to rotate coaching duties through the winter again.
  5. Sponsorship Committee: Discussions have been ongoing with Ibex, Stateline Sports, and EMS, but are yet to be finalized. They have also discussed way to offer help to members who may have financial constraints.
  6. Main Street Mile: This will not happen this year, due to difficulty finding a compatible date with the town of Hanover. Tim plans to pursue this for next year.
  7. Foliage Five: Paul is still seeking volunteers to help out with advertising, refreshments, prizes. Julie will help out with the poster.
  8. Dues: October 1 is the date that people can pay their membership dues for 2017. There will be an increase to $20/individual or $35/household. Tim will be sending out an email about this in September.
  9. Treasurer: Paul reports a current balance of approximately $4800 in the treasury.
  10. Next Board: At the next Board meeting, a slate of candidates will be addressed.

Minutes submitted by Betsy Gonnerman, Secretary

Next Board Meeting: Tuesday, September 20, 2016 – Ramunto’s – 7:00 p.m.

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