Board Meeting – September 2018


Members present: Tim Smith, Paul Coats, Geoff Dunbar, Kevin Hartstein, Jim Burnett, Kim Sheffield, Megan Miller, Betsy Gonnerman, Rob Daniels
Members absent: Alex Hall, Julie Paye

    1. Board membership: Four current members will not be staying on the Board at the end of this term in December (Julie, Betsy, Kevin and Megan). We need to find members who will be willing to serve. Plan will be to propose a list of possible candidates, review this list at the October meeting, and have the membership vote on an entire slate at the November banquet. Tim will send out an email to Board members re this.
    2. Foliage Five: Race will be on the same course as last year, as the road has not been repaired. The date is Oct. 7. Paul and Tim will be working on details and finding volunteers. Tim will write an article for the newsletter.
    3. Couch to 5K: This program continues to thrive, with our largest group ever. This is due in part to the repeated participation of past members, who continue to participate as well as take on the coaching role. Mary Peters and Kristin Coats are working with the participants on new ideas to continue and expand the program.
    4. Summer Picnic: About 40 people attended. The lack of the Fiddlehead Five Race Series may have been a factor in so few racers there.
    5. Annual Banquet: Scheduled for Nov. 10 at the DOC House. Kevin is looking into having it catered, and will be talking to Laura LaMontagne and Mike Silverman.
    6. Jingle Bell Run: Nancy Dunbar will again organize this event in December.
    7. UVRS: Rob Daniels announced that 15 runners have already completed 6 of the 8 races, but he expects that there may be many more, since there were a large number who signed up for the series. He is working on the prizes for those participants, possibly jackets again this year. The results and standings have been updated on the UVRC website. Rob will talk to Alex re whose role this is.
    8. NHGP: Jim Burnett will continue to promote the series in 2019. He and Geoff will attend the annual planning meeting, when the 2019 races are determined.
    9. UVRC Pacers: Rebecca has been taking charge of this program, for both the CBHM and the CHaD Half-marathon.
    10. Tim will send out an email to Board members re finding new members for the Board.
    11. Tim will write an article about the Foliage Five for the newsletter.
    12. Kevin will address catering of annual banquet with Laura and Mike S.
    13. Rob Daniels will speak to Alex re his uploading UVRS results.

Minutes submitted by Betsy Gonnerman, Secretary.
Next Board meetings: Monday, Oct. 15 – 6:30 p.m. – Lebanon City Hall

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