Board Meeting – October 2018


Members present: Tim Smith, Jim Burnett, Paul Coats, Kevin Hartstein, Alex Hall, Geoff Dunbar, Betsy Gonnerman
Members absent: Rob Daniels, Megan Miller, Julie Paye, Kim Sheffield

    1. NHGP: Series finished Oct. 13, with the CHaD Half. Series won by Gate City Striders, with Greater Derry and UVRC in second and third place. Planning meeting for 2019 races will be held in early December, and Jim and Geoff will attend.
    2. UVRS: It was recommended that the 2019 UVRS schedule be coordinated with the Western Trail Series schedule, to avoid conflicts. Also, it was recommended that participating races in the UVRS be required to use a timing service that can provide text files, in order to have results consistent. Geoff offered to take over managing the series, if he can find help with his other commitments – i.e. newsletter and Sat. morning runs
    3. Foliage Five: 63 runners participated this year, although over 100 registered. A net of $500 was raised toward the scholarship fund. Kim, Dorcas and Judy are working on the scholarships. The Board voted to discontinue the Foliage Five, due to small number of racers and increased competition of other October races.
    4. Couch to 5K: Kristin Coats and Mary Peters will attend the November Board meeting, to present some of their ideas regarding expansion of this program.
    5. Banquet: Kevin has the DOC House reserved for Nov. 10 from 5-10 p.m. for the banquet. He solicited ideas from the Board as to possible caterers. Rob will present awards at the banquet.
    6. Sat. morning runs: A leader is needed, as Megan is moving. Possibilities would be Tim Smith or Rob Daniels.
    7. Roster privacy: Concerns were raised re privacy of our on-line roster. While that is being addressed, the roster will be taken down.
    8. Group email lists: It was recommended that the admin group email list and other group lists be reviewed and edited. Alex will talk to Travis re this process.
    9. Board membership: Five current members are leaving the Board (Betsy, Megan, Julie, Kevin, and Rob), and vacant slots need to be filled. Possible candidates will be contacted, to assess their interest and availability. The Board will then present a slate at the Banquet for voting. Both old and new members of the Board will be invited to the December Board meeting.

Action Items:

    1. Alex will talk to Travis re cleaning up the email group lists.
    2. Tim will talk to potential Board candidates.
    3. Kevin will poll the membership re banquet attendance, and find a caterer.

Minutes submitted by Betsy Gonnerman, Secretary.
Next Board meetings: Tuesday, November 13 – 6:30 p.m. – Ramunto’s

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