Board Meeting – October, 2017


Members present: Tim Smith, Geoff Dunbar, Betsy Gonnerman, Kevin Hartstein, Paul Coats, Dave Sullivan, Jim Burnett

Members absent: Mike Silverman, Kim Sheffield, Megan Miller, Julie Paye

Non-members present: Mike Gonnerman

  1. UVRS – Dave is working with Paul, to order jackets for those who completed at least 6 of the 8 races, expected to be as many as 30 people. These will be presented at the banquet. Jim suggested we consider the Red Zone race, which takes place in February, as either the first race in the series, or a precursor to the series.
  2. Dave’s responsibilities – By the end of the year, Dave will be giving up his responsibilities. These consist of:
    • Webmaster – Tim and Kevin will approach Travis and Alex re their willingness to take this on. This includes keeping the membership updated, and welcoming new members each month.
    • UVRS – Geoff has done this in the past, but does not have time since he is doing the newsletter. Dave can help with the race selection, but will need others to help. Names suggested are Rob Daniels or Rob Frost.
    • Pacers – Rebecca can do this, as she has been doing that already.
  3. Scholarship: Dorcas is putting together a flyer, to be distributed to the area schools this week, announcing the scholarship, with the help of Cindy Edson. All proceeds from the Foliage Five will go to the scholarship. Discussion ensued as to whether a separate plea should be made during the year for other donations to the scholarship fund.
  4. TNT – Attendance has been very high recently. The idea of making a donation to HHS for the use of their track was proposed; many thought cleaning the moss off the track would be a nice offer. Tim will approach Dorcas and Mary, to talk to HHS about this option, and what the cost would be.
  5. Foliage Five – There were 72 runners, 20 less than last year. 101 had pre-registered.
  6. Volunteers – The Board feels there should be a Volunteer Coordinator/Committee, to try to increase volunteerism. Ideas floated were to make volunteering part of the UVRS series, in order to receive a prize, or to get a discount on a race. Jim announced that Dartmouth Track Coach Barry Harwick will be needing volunteers this winter and spring.
  7. Jingle Bell Run – Nancy Dunbar will again be the organizer of this event, date to be announced. The Board has agreed to let her reserve the venue.
  8. Banquet – Date is Nov. 11 at the DOC House. No publicity has yet been forthcoming. Tim will contact Mike Silverman and Liba, to do that.
  9. Main St. Mile – Tim continues to work with Hanover and Dartmouth personnel on finalizing a date for the Main St. Mile, most likely the Thursday evening before Green Key weekend. Jim says Rick Berryman from Lancer Timing is very interested in helping with this event.
  10. Other possible mile races – Charlie Kimball wants to do a one-mile run in Woodstock. The Lebanon Greenway (paved walkway) should be completed by June – Paul thought that this could be a possibility for a 1-mile race.
  11. Couch to 5K program – There are no stats re how many Couch to 5K participants are continuing to run after the program finishes. The Board feels it would be beneficial to continue to recruit alumni of the program to coach future programs.

Minutes submitted by Betsy Gonnerman, Secretary.

Next Board Meeting: Monday, November 20 – 7:00 P.M – Lebanon City Hall

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