Board Meeting – November, 2017


Members present: Tim Smith, Geoff Dunbar, Betsy Gonnerman, Paul Coats, Dave Sullivan, Jim Burnett, Megan Miller, Julie Paye

Members absent: Mike Silverman, Kevin Hartstein, Kim Sheffield

Non-members present: Nancy Dunbar

  1. NHGP – Race selection takes place in December. Geoff and/or Jim will be attending the meeting. We will be proposing a few local races for the series, such as: Shamrock Shuffle, Run from the Law, Run for Pie, Skip’s, and CHaD ½ marathon.
  2. UVRS – Rob Daniels will be taking over Dave’s duties for this series. Dave suggested making the application process more formal, so that the race directors know what the criteria are (e.g., certified course, timer, etc.) The race selection process usually starts in January. Jim has been contacted by the director of the Red Zone 5k, in Wilder, on Super Bowl weekend, who wants to be included in the series. Since this is too early for the racing season, we entertained the idea of UVRC partnering with the race director on that day, in some way. Geoff will talk to Rob re this idea.
  3. Website duties – Tim has not yet talked to Alex or Travis about taking on Dave’s duties. A reminder to renew memberships needs to go out soon. Photos on the website need to be updated.
  4. Jingle Bell Run – Nancy reported that we will meet at Ramunto’s at 6:30 on Dec. 17, for the Jingle Bell Run. Members have been asked to bring donations for the raffle, to supplement what Nancy and Lori have already gathered. Nancy proposed collecting monetary donations as well, to add to the scholarship fund. Registration forms will be available for members to renew their memberships for 2018. Paul will bring his inventory of singlets, to sell.
  5. Treasury – per Paul, there is currently $6500 in the treasury. Paul reports that he has a large inventory of apparel, which could be sold at the Lebanon Rec. Dept. office.
  6. Shoe recycling – Jim reports that boxes are always present at Omer & Bob’s. Over the past two years, he has sent 500 pairs of shoes for recycling.
  7. Newsletter – Geoff has been receiving plenty of articles for the newsletter. He will be getting additional help from Laura Petto.
  8. TNT – There have been huge numbers in attendance this fall, primarily from the Dartmouth Tri Team. Unfortunately, the slower runners have not been attending. Julie is working on ways to encourage them to participate, either on Tuesdays or Saturdays. She is considering “no-drop” runs, possibly on Sundays.
  9. New members – Last year, phone calls were made to new members by Dave and Megan, to welcome them, and we hope to be able to continue this tradition. Volunteers will be needed.
  10. Budget – It was suggested that a budget be presented to the Board, to help the club with their plans for the year. This will be done at the December meeting, when we will focus on 2018 goals.
    C25K – This program continues to be very successful. Mary Peters wants to continue to coach the spring and fall programs, with the help of Jared Fortier.
  11. CBHM – Julie will be helping Kim with the coordination of the volunteers, as in the past. But there are concerns about when Kim might no longer be available. Dave will contact Mike S., to find out the process for the bypass registration of those who completed 6 out of the 8 races in the UVRS.

Minutes submitted by Betsy Gonnerman, Secretary.

Next Board Meeting: Sunday, December 17 – 2:00 P.M. – Tim Smith’s House

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