Board Meeting – June 2019

June 10, 2019

56 Elm Street, Lebanon, NH

UVRC June Board Meeting Minutes



(Board*): Jim Burnett**, Dorcas DenHartog*, Alex Hall*, Tim Smith *, Amanda Kievet*,  Tiffany Currier*, Paul Coats*, Geoff Dunbar*, Rebecca Stanfield McCown* 

Not present: Joffrey Peters*


 Jim called the meeting to order: 6:37 pm


Action Item reports:


  1. Jim – NHGP report: Windham F&F 5K recap (12 members down in the van, ice cream after); Capital City 10K Classic preview (6/22/19) – Tim might be able to drive the van.
  2. Jim – MWRR for Mike Gonnerman. ‘All set with volunteers. Make sure you have a ride down.’ Volunteer spreadsheet is working well
  3. Paul – budget spreadsheet 2018, 2019. 
  4. Dorcas: Hanover High School counselor will share UVRC Scholarship proposal with UV public high school counselors; she can access private school counselors via their websites. Action Item: Dorcas will send promotional piece and application links to VT and NH Upper Valley guidance counselors by September 2019
  5. Forwarded: Dorcas will contact Mat Zweres and report at July Board Meeting.
  6. Jim: re: Volunteer Spreadsheet, will follow up when spreadsheet is ready.
  7. Alex transferring Membership data between databases.
    1. Action Item: will be in contact Leb Rec programming people to rectify problems transferring Membership data between databases.
  8. Geoff completed and assemble response data from Indoor Facility Survey.
    1. Paul: Possibly: Rec Dept to move temporarily to River Valley Community College to make room in Town Office and eventually consider moving to the/a Community Recreation Facility such as what Jarred is considering. 1) Lebanon would conduct a needs assessment. If support 2) money into capital budget for business study 3) look into 2020-22 to build something.
  9. Jim: will invite Lebanon Rec Department personnel  (Chrissy Flythe) who will sub for Paul to the Board Meeting before Paul leaves.
  10. Rebecca – CBHM. Harder to get slower paces slots filled; but all were covered. Positive anecdotal feedback from Mike Silverman, none yet from his survey. Negative feedback about pacers – they should be shooting for one minute UNDER pace goal. Solution: pacer holding the sign hold the pace; runners who want to go faster go ahead. 
  11. Looking ahead to CHaD – opportunity to revise and take into considering racers who do not slow down on the hills; make our own bibs with mile times/pace for each mile. The bracelets were a big help; encourage pacers to wear a GPS watch. This year pacers spread out in start corral to allow more space between groups. CHad has pacers for every 10-minute interval; CBHM has pacers for every 5-minute interval, 1:30- 2: … Rebecca expects to help next year 2020; there is an opportunity for another volunteer – one for CHaD and one for CBHM. Mike Kokko has been a help creating the pace bracelets. 
  12. Paul – finish area. Went well. Announced a lot of names. Definite difficulty getting out of the Quechee Antique Mart and lower finish-field 
  13. Ken – start area. Went well! Next year mark out and park volunteers tightly, leaving room late-arriving news photographer. Marking bus route so porto-pottie people do not line up into bus lane. 
  14. Alex Hall: Social Channels
    1. Action Item: to write up a blurb to be used throughout our social channels. Once we have that, whoever is in control of the channels can update the “About” sections and add it to repeating events on Meetup.
  15. Rebecca:  to write a call to action for the June ->JULY! newsletter introducing the #uvrc campaign and urging us to take it back. 
    1. Action Items:
      1. Trucker hat mock up
      2. newsletter
  16. Jim: to respond to all incoming race advertisement requests asking them to please reach out to another UVRC member instead ( probably has some copy you can use from his time doing so)
  17. Tiffany : UVRC clothing orders. How to order what people will want/wear/afford. 
    1. Action Item; She will contact Larry Ruffing at Top Stitch. 
  18.  Amanda and Alex: Social Committee:
    1. Amanda and Alex: No need to create a race calendar, as there are other sources for interested racers.
    2. Action Item: Plan the Picnic 
  19. Paul: Review 2019 budget with Board  (current membership, 245 single/family memberships)
  20. Paul: Coaching stipends. Currently, C25K is $500/12 week season, meeting 2x/week. What for TNT, meeting 1x/week? Certification should be built into the contract price
    1. Action Item: Make it a line item in the budget as an ‘honorarium’ – the coach recuses themselves from the payment and states in writing 


  1. Next Meeting: 
  • Monday, July 15th, 6:30 at Lebanon City Hall – post on Meetup and FB.  

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