Board Meeting – May 2018


Members present: Tim Smith, Geoff Dunbar, Megan Miller, Kim Sheffield, Jim Burnett, Rob Daniels, Alex Hall, Betsy Gonnerman, Julie Paye, Paul Coats
Members absent: Kevin Hartstein

    1. Apparel: Rob continues to work on the ordering of UVRC apparel. He brought samples from Jim Keane, but is looking for a different fabric. He will pursue other options through Running Warehouse, and then ask Jim K. to screen print them, as we have done in the past.
    2. Scholarship: 2 Thetford Academy students have been chosen to win scholarships of $500 each. Kim will talk to their coaches, as to the timing and location of the presentation. She will also submit an article to the Valley News.
    3. Website: Alex reported that our website had been hacked, requiring a major fix. He has requested that we spend $50/year to upgrade our security on the site.
    4. CBHM: Kim and Paul have put out requests for additional volunteers for the start. Julie will check with Mike Silverman as to whether volunteers will get bypass numbers for next year’s CBHM. There were problems with the baggage drop-off last year, which they hope to rectify this year. Several training runs were held, led by Jim Burnett
    5. Main St. Mile: Tim reported that there were about 47 runners this year; last year, there were 49. Lancer Timing unfortunately made an error in the timing, which caused all the times to be off 10-12 seconds. The Hanover Police have agreed to have the road open longer next year, which would allow for slower runners to participate, and hopefully increase participation.
    6. Couch to 5K: Mary Peters plans to rent a room, so that they can have a speaker for their participants.
    7. Speaker Series: Jim has been in touch with Howe Library re having speakers on running topics. He will pursue this – ?Ben True, ?Roy Benson.

Minutes submitted by Betsy Gonnerman, Secretary

Next Board Meeting – Monday, June 18, 2018 – 6:30 p.m. – Lebanon City Hall

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