Board Meeting – March 2018


Members present: Kevin Hartstein, Rob Daniels, Jim Burnett, Julie Paye, Betsy Gonnerman, Geoff Dunbar
Members absent: Tim Smith, Megan Miller, Alex Hall, Kim Sheffield
Non- members present: Alden Hall

    1. NHGP: The Shamrock Shuffle led off the NHGP series on March 10, with great UVRC turnout. The next race is the Nashua Soup Kitchen 10K on April 8. Jim Burnett and Lee Peters have been promoting the series, and encouraging more to participate, and will continue to do so.
    2. Social Committee: Kevin reported that 2 post-race gatherings will take place after the Windham race on June 10 and after the Halfway to St. Pat’s Day race on Sept. 9. The date for the fall banquet has been confirmed for November 10 at the DOC House. The picnic is tentatively planned for August 2, to include one of the Fiddlehead Five races.
    3. Run from the Law: Alden Hall brought up the issue of the negative police publicity in Canaan after 2 recent episodes. He questioned whether UVRC should no longer be including the Run from the Law in our UVRS. The Board will discuss further whether we should do this in 2018 or wait until 2019.
    4. Main St. Mile: Tim has confirmed that the Hanover Police have given permission for the race to be held on Thursday, May 17 at 7:00 p.m. He also has spoken to Lancer Timing, who have agreed to help us out.
    5. HHS track: Tim has been in touch with Weinbel Sports Surface re cleaning the moss off the track. This would require manpower. Further discussion needs to follow with the HHS track coaches as to how we can be helpful in this endeavor.
    6. Shamrock Shuffle: Paul reported over 1000 runners this year. Due to the race being part of the NHGP, it brought in approximately 100 more runners.
    7. UVRS: There are about 56 now signed up for the series.
    8. UVRC clothing: No singlets were sold at the Shamrock Shuffle, but they are still available through Leb Rec. Paul will be looking into filling in the gaps in sizes that exist. Rob and Paul will be looking into other options for shirts, and settle on a common logo to enhance the team brand. Also, Rob will pursue option for special orders, as has been done in the past. It was suggested that Rob use survey monkey for orders.
    9. Skip’s Run: Paul reported that this is the 15 th year for Skip’s Run, and every 5 years a program is put together. He asked the Board’s permission to put in a UVRC ad. All agreed that was acceptable.

Action Items:

    1. Betsy will contact Travis Peters re including information about obtaining a UVRC singlet when welcoming new members.
    2. Paul will fill the size gaps in the present singlet inventory.
    3. Rob and Paul will do further research re other shirt options.
    4. Rob will contact Dave Sullivan and Alex Hall re UVRS scoring.
    5. Tim will contact HHS personnel re cleaning of track.
    6. Jim and Lee will continue to promote the NHGP series.

Minutes submitted by Betsy Gonnerman, Secretary

Next Board Meeting – Monday, April 16 – 6:30 p.m. – Lebanon City Hall

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