Board Meeting – June 2018


Members present: Kevin Hartstein, Geoff Dunbar, Megan Miller, Kim Sheffield, Jim Burnett, Rob Daniels, Julie Paye, Paul Coats
Members absent: Tim Smith, Alex Hall, Betsy Gonnerman

    1. Paul needs more volunteers for the Red, White & Blue race and will email the volunteer list.
    2. Email addresses from the Dartmouth Triathlon Team will be submitted (by Kevin?) to Alex and Travis to include in the club list to receive updates on the summer TNT series.
    3. Roy Benson, the well known coach, will give a talk on heart rate training July 24th 6:30 at Howe Library. Kim will email the club with details. Jim will check with Laura and Greg Hagley on how they video recorded Laura’s presentation. We are considering ways to promote beyond the club such as the Valley News. Geoff suggested Kim write something for the newsletter.
    4. Vanpool to Capital City 10K this Saturday 6/23 for the next NHGP event. Paul says the van is being repaired and is hoped to be available. A driver is needed if van is available. We will car pool if not.
    5. NHGP update: The social get together after the NHPG event at Windham was well received. Another get together after another NHGP event this year will be announced. The venue may be more local.
    6. Rob will send an email to the club to promote the next Running Series event, Shake 7, on June 24th.
    7. The club had another successful appearance at the Mount Washington Road Race. All our club volunteers were available.
    8. We discussed if we will supply pacers for the CHaD Hero Half Marathon as it is also an NHGP event. It was questioned whether it would detract from our series results. We will look at last year’s pacers to see how much of an overlap there is with racers.
    9. Summer BBQ at Storrs Pond is planned for August 2nd to coincide with a Fiddlehead 5 run. Kevin will try to get the Byrne Pavilion and write something for the July newsletter.
    10. Rob is working with another vendor to try to match the shirt brand used previously. He will check with Paul about offering a black singlet with Wooly Syrup Chugger as a separate offering to get something available sooner.

Minutes submitted by Rob Daniels
Next Board Meeting – Monday, July 16, 2018 – 6:30 p.m. – Lebanon City Hall

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