Board Meeting – July, 2017


Members present: Tim Smith, Geoff Dunbar, Jim Burnett, Julie Paye, Kim Sheffield, Megan Miller, Betsy Gonnerman, Dave Sullivan, Kevin Hartstein

Members absent: Paul Coats, Mike Silverman

Non-members present: Jared Fortier, Bill Young, Lorna Young

  1. Scholarship: Only one essay was received this year, but it was excellent, and the award was given to Raphael Harriman at the Red White & Blue Race on July 4. The hope is that next year, with greater visibility, there will be a larger response. Kim will continue to chair up the committee.
  2. Foliage Five: Apparently there was considerable damage done to the course from the July 1 storm. Once that is assessed, it may be necessary to consider an alternative course. This needs to be decided soon, as the race is part of the UVRS, and participants will need to be notified.
  3. Picnic: There have been inquiries re a picnic this summer, as the one last summer was so popular. Kevin, who is now the lone member of the Social Committee, will talk to Storrs Pond, to see about availability of a picnic site, and whether we can combine it with a Fiddlehead Five race, as was done last year. Kim offered to help Kevin with the organization of it.
  4. Fiddlehead Five races: Very poor attendance this year. Not sure why.
  5. Park Run: Lorna Young presented the ParkRun program, which is extremely popular in Great Britain, where runners meet every Sat. morning at 9:00, in a park, to run a 5k. It is timed via bar codes, and runners can keep track of their times from week to week. It uses volunteers. It costs about $5000, for the timing system, barcode system, online help, volunteer organizing, etc. She proposed Hanover doing this, but the difficulties would be: winter weather, conflicts with existing Lebanon Sat. morning run and races, and creating an appropriate level of interest. Lorna agreed to get more information on the program, to see if there would be flexibility in the structure of the program.
  6. Main St. Mile: Tim reported that there were only 49 runners this year, about 12 of whom were Dartmouth students. He had hoped for a much larger crowd, but felt that the late determination of the date was a big problem. Also, manual timing had to be used this year. All agreed that we should try it again, with a possible move of the date and better publicity. Bill Young offered to help Tim, as he knows the new director of Hanover Park and Rec., John Sherman.
  7. CHaD: Dave noted that they want UVRC to provide pacers again, which he will organize. He would like to see the pacers using finish time, rather than pace per mile, as has been done at CBHM. He will talk to them about this.
  8. Couch to 5K: The next session will start in mid-August, with the target race of the CHaD 5k, on Oct. 22. Mary Peters will be coaching this session, with the help of Jared Fortier.

Minutes submitted by Betsy Gonnerman, Secretary

Next Board Meeting: Monday, August 21 – 8 a.m. – Umpleby’s

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