Board Meeting – January 2018


Members present: Tim Smith, Kevin Hartstein, Geoff Dunbar, Paul Coats, Jim Burnett, Megan Miller,
Julie Paye, Rob Daniels, Betsy Gonnerman

Members absent: Mike Silverman, Kim Sheffield

  1. NHGP – Jim announced that Lee Peters will be assisting him with promotion of NHGP races
  2. Upper Valley Haven – Paul announced that the Haven was very appreciative of our contribution
    of one UVRS entry.
  3. Website – Tim announced that Alex Hall is willing to take over management of the website. It is
    unclear whether he will also be taking over the roster management.
  4. UVRS – Rob has been working on the race series, and announced that 7 out of the 8 races are
    already firm. He plans to announce the entire series at the Red Zone 5k, on Feb. 3. Mike
    Silverman has assured Rob that those runners who complete 6/8 races will again receive
    automatic bypass of the CBHM lottery.
  5. Red Zone 5k – Rob has talked to the race director about UVRC providing food post-race at their
    race, as a kickoff to the UVRS. There will also be opportunities for UVRC and UVRS registrations.
    They are happy to have us there.
  6. Main St. Mile – Tim continues to have discussions with Liz Burdette re date and timing of the
    race. Lancer Timing is interested in helping out.
  7. Hartford Track – Tim suggested that someone (e.g. Sandra Rhodes) from the Friends of Hartford
    Track may want to submit an article to the UVRC newsletter, re their progress in this area.
  8. Hanover Track – A previous suggestion to make a donation for track improvement needs follow-
    up. Dorcas would be the obvious contact to determine the needs/wishes of the present
    coaching staff.
  9. Volunteers – Megan has put together a rough draft of volunteer areas, and possible volunteers.
    Julie will assist with the list of volunteers. She will formalize her draft, to be put on the website.
  10. Social Committee – Kevin plans to come up with dates for the picnic, banquet, and two away
    NHGP races where runners might gather afterwards.
  11. Board position – Since Mike Silverman has had difficulty making the meetings, he has asked to
    be removed from the Board. It was recommended that Alex Hall might be a possible

Action Items:

  1. Tim will follow up with Alex re: website management and roster management
  2. Rob will send emails re Red Zone race and UVRS schedule.
  3. Tim will continue to work with Liz B. re date of Main St. Mile.
  4. Geoff will speak to Sandra Rhodes re interest in a newsletter article about the Hartford Track.
  5. Tim will contact Dorcas re HHS plans for repairing/replacing their track.
  6. Megan will formalize her volunteer chart, with help from Julie.
  7. Tim will offer Board position to Alex Hall.
  8. Kevin will select dates for: picnic, banquet, and 2 away race gatherings.

Minutes submitted by Betsy Gonnerman, Secretary

Next Board Meeting – Monday, February 19, 2018 – 6:30 p.m. – Lebanon City Hall

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