Board Meeting – February 2020

February Board Meeting, February 24th, 2020, 6:00 pm at Salt Hill Pub, Lebanon, NH

Attendance: Tim Smith,, Amanda, Jim Burnett, Geoff Dunbar, Alex Hall, Joffrey Peters, Krissy Flythe, Dorcas DenHartog, Tiffany Currier

Absent: Paul Coats, Rebecca Stanfield- McGowan, 

Call to order: 6:10pm

  • Amanda: Report on new website work. Should be up and running in three months (build site, provide feedback, couple newsletters, point to Lebanon Park and Recs, show UVRS scoring;  Amanda donating her time. Alex will check to see if mailing system is the same as before (@all will be similar); we have paid for current hosting approximately November; savings of ~ $124/year starting in 2021; same URL; mobile and search engine friendly, easier to maintain, not so easy to hack. 
  • Jim – re: Pacer organizer for CHaD Hero Half 2020
    • Rebecca looking for someone who is organized, timely; reach out to Rick Currier? Mike Koko?
    • Action Item: Jim will check with Rebecca and see if she is committed to coordinating CBHM pacers and if she recommends Mike for CHAD pacer coordination. 
  • Rebecca – MWRR – update
    • Eight bibs to distribute; will know when after lottery closes
  • Amanda – Winter Event at Brookmead Conservation Area – debrief
    • Cabin ‘rented’; Tim hauled up camp stoves for tea and cocoa; good couch to 5k group, small attendance numbers (15 people); two skied/snowshoed; people who came had fun; donations made to Land Trust; Amanda had proposed$100 for the use/donation; Krissy asked for an invoice to pay the Land Trust; Tim: recommendation for next time – add a trail run; Joffrey: parking is an issue; for the future – a weekday? Team up with UVLT more so they could co-advertise and be there for education and support, and UVPub Run/Trail runners include too; for first-time event, very successful. Next: The Greens?  Moose Mountain Lodge?
    • Joffrey: Expanding social events to spring – a ‘spring fling’; an outdoor event where people could run/hike.
  • Krissy: volunteers for Shamrock Shuffle. 
    • Has reached out with a hail mary in the past
    • Sign holders needed. 
    • 10-12 volunteers needed for last year. (Rob Daniels, Rebecca, Tiff and Rick Currier, 
    • Krissy will send out an email request to UVRC members. 
    • Needs a leader of the Fun Run! (suggested she reach out to LHS and HHS track teams)
  • Tim and Dorcas – “Planning Your Running Year” presentation at Howe Library, Tuesday, February 24th after TNT. 
  • Rebecca and Geoff – Volunteer Program, volunteers for MWRR and Shamrock Shuffle?
  • Krissy, Rebecca – Olympic Trials viewing at Salt Hill – update; Krissy will advertise Saturday, February 29th at Salt Hill/Lebanon. 
  • Geoff – UVRS
    • Volunteers needed to help; 
    • Gonneermans keep track of who volunteered.
      • Action Item: contact race directors’ emails requesting help for the Gonnermans 

        * Geoff: RedZone 5K – debrief

       * Membership

Membership to date ~ 165 people

  • Amanda: Fall Social
    • Contacted Laura LaMontagne and we have a hold on November 14th for Fall Banquet, re: construction for DOC house;
  • Jim: Election time, November 2020
    •  end of Jim’s 2-year term – time for a younger member to take the reigns, but would like to remain on the board. Jim posits Rebecca, Amanda, as possible candidates. Anyone else? 
      • Action Item: discuss /consider who wants to continue on the Board, recommendations for replacements
  • Tiffany: UVRC apparel choices
    • Short sleeve shirt – 100% polyester/wicking material, soft, dark green
    • Long sleeve zip up pullover cover up with reflective notes and logoed embroidery
  • Krissy: Shuffle Day
    • Mile markers at the Lebanon Garage, Jim will get them and put them out 
  • Krissy: Budget
    • Leb. Park and Rec. spring/summer 2020 brochure
  • Jim: Advertising our race series with other running clubs
    • He received a brochure for a Vermont race series: 
    • How could we /how much for UVRC to print and send out a slick series brochure.
    • We receive it b/c we participated in the …
    • (Geoff) What if we send it to whoever signs up for Shamrock Shuffle
    • (Krissy) Cost ~ $500-$1,000. Vs. $200/race income 
  • Next meeting: March 23rd, 6pm in Salt Hill Lebanon. 

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