Board Meeting – April 2018


Members present: Tim Smith, Kevin Hartstein, Paul Coats, Julie Paye, Betsy Gonnerman, Geoff Dunbar, Alex Hall
Members absent: Megan Miller, Jim Burnett, Rob Daniels, Kim Sheffield

    1. CBHM:  The start line will be managed by Kim and Julie, with help from Dorcas.  Julie will contact Dorcas, to confirm this. The pacers are being organized by Rebecca.  The question of training runs arose, as were done last year. This decision will be deferred to Jim and Megan, since they have been in charge of Sat. morning runs.
    2. UVRS:  Paul reported that 70 have already registered for the race series.  The series will be posted one last time to Facebook by Julie, with a deadline.  The Road to the Pogue organizer is awaiting a final count from us. The scoring of the first race (Shamrock Shuffle) has been put on the website by Alex and Dave.
    3. Main St. Mile:  Thursday May 17 at 7:00 p.m.  Tim confirmed that the permit has been obtained and that Lancer Timing will be the timer.  There will be some informal challenges between various Dartmouth groups as well as between some high schools.  There will be multiple heats. Tim will contact Hanover Rec to make sure the correct information is on the website, and to open the registration process.
    4. HHS Track:  Tim reported that the high school does not need our help with the cleaning of the track.  Their ground crew will take care of it.
    5. Dartmouth Track:  Tim reported that it should be available for our use after May 15
    6. UVRC apparel:  Travis has let new members know of the availability of singlets for sale, as well as the option for a free one, if they enter 2 away NHGP races.  Paul is working with Rob on a provider of other apparel, and setting up a pay system online.
    7. NHGP:  There was a terrific turnout of UVRC members at the last NHGP race in Nashua.  UVRC currently stands in second place after 2 races. Next race is in Windham on June 10.
    8. Social Committee:  Kevin has reached out to members who have indicated an interest in helping out with the social activities of the club.
    9. Couch to 5K:  Another series has started, with approximately 25 new participants.  Mary Peters is coaching, with help from several others.
    10. CHaD:  The question arose as to whether we should offer to provide pacers this year, or should we concentrate on the team competition, as it is the last race in the NHGP.

Action Items:

    1. Julie to talk to Dorcas re assistance at CBHM start.
    2. Jim and Megan to decide whether training runs for the CBHM should be held.
    3. Julie to post UVRS to Facebook for a final time.
    4. Tim to contact Liz at Hanover Park & Rec re opening registration for the Main St. Mile.
    5. Paul & Rob to continue their efforts in providing UVRC apparel for the members.

Minutes submitted by Betsy Gonnerman, Secretary

Next Board Meeting – Monday, May 21, 2018 – 6:30 p.m. – Lebanon City Hall

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