The Upper Valley Running Club is a running club for all levels of runners serving the Western New Hampshire/Eastern Vermont area. We are centered on the Hanover/Lebanon/White River Junction triangle.

Here’s the initial email proposal of our club:

Hi all,

Several of us have been talking about starting a local running club of some form for quite a while now. We would like to build on that start and get a small group together. The agenda would be to discuss what options we have and, perhaps more importantly, what energy there is behind actually getting some kind of club going. If there is enough interest, then we can try to recruit a larger crowd to get things going.

To get the ball rolling, some of the ideas we have been discussing so far include:

– A general striders club with regular training runs (e.g., track), clinics, newsletter, discussion board, etc.
– A smaller, competitive track club to compete in either the NH Grand Prix or USATF-NE series, and/or other races. Too many local runners are competing for clubs as far away as Massachusetts.
– Both of those, either in one club or as two separate groups.
– Some local races, preferably with certified courses.
– Access to a local track during the winter for club members.

But more ideas are welcome!

There is a big hole in terms of running clubs in the area, with clubs in the Montpelier area to the west and Conway to the east, and a lot to the south around Concord and further. An Upper Valley club could potentially gather a fair number or runners.

On the other side, the president of the GMAA suggested we might be better served by joining the GMAA (or some other club, like the WMM or GSRT) and using their existing resources to get what we need.  So a big question is how much this needs to be a local organization.

Anyway, as you can see there is a lot to talk about, and (keeping in mind the way the OAC folded) we need to get a sense of how realistic it is to push this.

We propose meeting on Wednesday, October 13th, at Lou’s in Hanover for breakfast, if enough people can be there.  Please let us know if you are interested, and if you can make this meeting.


Dave Aman
Steven Andrews
Geoff Dunbar
Kim Sheffield

We would like to thank:

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